CX5 High Security System

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Central Lock & Key is an Authorized dealer of the CX5 High Security Systems, which restricts access and entrance to All unauthorized persons! MANAGED KEY CONTROL CX5 key control policies are strictly enforced and key ways are managed, preventing the wide spread availability of key blanks. Duplicate keys are only obtained with an authorization card and signature varification. This high security system is far less susceptible to being compromised than traditional pin tumbler cylinders. Along with  patent protected keys, locking bar, and enhanced protective features, CX5 High Security Systems have a secondary point of locking control which results in a key cylinder has been successfully tested for picking, drilling,prying,bumping and corrosion.

When Should You Consider The CX5 High Security System? When you want to increase the level of security level in your business. It will reduce the internal theft rate by eliminating the unauthorized key duplication. Remember, these keys cannot be duplicated without the authorization card and matching signatures. This gives you total control of all of your keys. If you are a new commercial tenant, there is no way to know how many previous keys have been made. Or what about the termination of an employee? Know exactly who has the key to your business at all times!

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