Important News For Renters! Have Your Rental Property Re-Keyed!

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Before agreement and signing of the lease on a new rental property, speak to the owner or property maintenance manager about having the property re-keyed. Most responsible landlords either change the locks or have the locks re-keyed after each tenancy. It protects their property, as well as the new tenants and their families.

To have a locksmith from Central Lock & Key come and re-key the locks is the most inexpensive solution. If the landlord is not willing to pay the small fee for the re-key, then perhaps they will agree to split the cost with you. You should not have to be concerned for your safety, after all, “Who Knows How Many Old Keys Have Been Duplicated?” The only sure way to know is to have the locks re-keyed! The process is simple, quick and inexpensive!



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