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People don’t often think about the importance of re-keying their home. This is crucial regardless of weather or not it is a new home or a re-sale home! The builders of the new homes, often give other contractors copies of the key to gain access of the home that is being built. It is not uncommon to have multiple keys circulating for any new home, at any given time! So therefore, the key for the new home you just purchased, could be in countless peoples hands. As for re-sale homes, it is also possible that multiple keys have been duplicated over the years, there is just no way of knowing just how many! The most affordable solution is to have your locks re-keyed. This is a very quick and easy way to assure you and your families safety. The re-keying process is  done by one of our certified locksmiths in a matter of minutes. You will still keep your previous locks, but the old keys will not work anymore. The locksmith can cut as many keys for you as you want. Our Mobile Lock Shops are completely equipped. If your old locks are worn or dated, we also carry a large quantity of beautiful new hardware, we can install for you. Call Central Lock & Key to speak to one of our professionals to set up a time that is convenient for you. We will take care of any safety issues or concerns you may have. Call today We have a special on Re-Keying your Home… Mention this, to receive 10% off!

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