Keep Your Family Safe! Re-Key Locks

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Re-Key for safety!

Re-Key for safety!

Keep your family safe! Re-Key Locks!

   If your budget is a concern,or your existing locks are still in good condition, you may find that re-keying the lock or locks is all you need. Re-keying is a quick and affordable solution if it just a combination change that you want.Re-keying is done when a lock owner may be concerned that unauthorized persons have keys to the lock, eg, if you have just purchased a new home,and not sure if you have all of the keys to the existing locks.

        This situation breaches the safety of your family. The locks can be re-keyed and only the new keys will work. You also have the option of having all of the locks work with just one key, this convenient for you and eliminates having too many keys on your key-chain!

       This is a relatively simple process for our professional locksmiths at Central Lock And Key. Re-keying is done without replacement of the entire lock, which keeps the cost down and keeps the home owner happy!

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